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Addressing drug possession allegations

We have discussed a number of drug-related offenses on our blog, ranging from very serious charges to those which may not be as serious (such as possessing drug paraphernalia). However, charges related to the possession of unlawful substances are quite common and have upended the lives of many people in Atlanta and across all of Georgia. To make things worse, some people have had to deal with these charges even though they were innocent.

You should carefully evaluate your options, regardless of the illegal substance that you have been accused of possessing. Whether you were caught with marijuana or prescriptions that you should not have had, all sorts of devastating consequences may lie ahead. As a result, it is critical to navigate this dilemma with care and go over all of your legal rights immediately. Your future could be derailed in different ways because of these charges, whether you encounter problems while trying to apply for college or are unable to land a job you want. Moreover, your record could come back to haunt you in ways you might not have imagined or are not concerned about now. For example, you could try to leave the country to participate in a trip with your friends at some point in the future, only to find out that you are barred from entry.

Addressing drug possession charges can be tough and this is also true for any other drug-related offense. Our drug crime section will have more information interconnected with drug possession charges.

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