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Can drug charges affect student loans?

On this blog, we have gone over many of the different ways that drug charges can turn someone’s life upside down. However, there are particularly problematic consequences for people in certain positions, such as college students who are worried about how the allegations they are facing may affect their ability to finish the degree program they are enrolled in. If you are accused of a drug-related offense and have no idea what to do next, it is especially important to review any unique aspects of your case or personal circumstances.

According to the Federal Student Aid website, a drug-related conviction can result in a student becoming ineligible for student aid. When students fill out their FAFSA, they are asked about drug offenses they have been convicted of while they were a recipient of federal student aid. If so, a worksheet will need to be completed to determine whether or not the offense will impact student aid. In some instances, students are able to become eligible for student aid by completing a drug rehab program.

Outside of federal financial aid, a drug charge could lead to additional problems in a student’s life. For example, they may have been depending on their parents for financial or even emotional support through college, which may not continue as a result of drug-related allegations. If you are a student who has been charged with an offense involving drugs, it is critical to immediately go over your options. Please understand that no legal advice is contained in this write-up.

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