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Defense options for white collar crimes charges in Georgia

Being accused of a crime in Georgia (or anywhere, for that matter) may have immediate and long-lasting negative effects, even before a case is tried in court. Society can be harsh toward those who find themselves in trouble with the law. Often, people form opinions without knowing all the facts. If a person is charged with criminal offenses such as white collar crimes or other criminal acts, it is typically best to seek immediate defense assistance to obtain help in preserving his or her reputation and freedom.

The term, “white collar crime” refers to any number of non-violent criminal offenses perpetrated in order to obtain financial gain. Identity theft, tax evasion and illegal use of a credit card all come under this category. Many times, large amounts of money are involved, and penalties if convicted may include extended time in prison and/or substantial fines.

With regard to tax fraud or bank-related offenses, it may be that a documentation error led to the appearance of fraud. If this is the case, a criminal defense attorney can advise a defendant how best to proceed to rectify the situation. If authorities conduct a formal investigation, a lawyer can launch a counter-investigation to scrutinize the process by which any search or seizure occurred and to protect the personal rights of the accused.

If you are currently facing white collar crimes charges in Georgia, you may contact Conaway & Stricker, P.C. to request a meeting. We are fully prepared to intervene on your behalf to secure as positive an outcome as possible in court. We understand that your freedom and personal reputation are of paramount importance to you and are committed to helping you minimize the negative impact of your particular situation.

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