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Criminal defense on tap after 22 arrests in Georgia

Crime rates are high in many areas. However, not all people charged with crimes are convicted. In fact, some accused individuals are successful in having their charges lowered or their cases dismissed entirely. Often, aggressive strategies help defendants protect their rights and preserve their freedoms. There are at least 22 people in Georgia who are likely focused on criminal defense after their recent arrests over a six-day period.

Columbus police investigated various possible crime situations in the area. In addition to arresting so many people, authorities say they also recovered over $100,000 in stolen property. A special operations division and patrol unit combined efforts in this particular investigation.

Authorities say 10 vehicles that had previously been reported stolen were seized. All of the persons arrested will have their day in court. Regardless of how minor or serious charges are, American jurisprudence protects the rights of every accused individual by allowing him or her to present a defense and by guaranteeing the presumption of innocence unless and until prosecutors prove otherwise in court. It can be quite intimidating to go up against tenacious prosecutors, however, which is why it is highly advisable to act alongside experienced and aggressive defense assistance.

Penalties for conviction of automobile theft or property crimes in Georgia vary, depending on the circumstances of particular incidents. Just because two or more people are facing the exact same charges does not necessarily mean their outcomes will be the same as well. A skilled attorney knows how to maximize available criminal defense options to combat tactics set forth by prosecutors to achieve as positive an outcome as possible on a client’s behalf.

Source:, “CPD arrests 22 people for burglary; $100K+ in stolen property recovered”, Dec. 28, 2016

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