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Deputies arrest 2 individuals on drug charges in Georgia

Drugs are dangerous substances and many can be quite addictive. One of the most addictive and dangerous illegal drugs is methamphetamine. Two individuals are facing Georgia drug charges after police initiated a traffic stop.

Along with methamphetamine, the two allegedly caught with prescription pills and marijuana. The incident occurred at a traffic stop in late June when law enforcement approached a vehicle they had detained in order to investigate. The vehicle was occupied by a 56-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman. The woman allegedly hid a package down her pants as the deputies were approaching the vehicle.

When the deputies asked the woman about the package she put down her pants, she is said to have refused to hand the item over to deputies. It is also alleged that the woman kicked one of the deputies. The deputies claim the package contained methamphetamine, marijuana and prescription pills.

The vehicle was searched after K-9 units apparently alerted deputies to the presence of drugs. The deputies say they discovered three ounces of methamphetamine upon searching the car. They also discovered more prescription pills, marijuana and $1,300 in cash.

The two accused individuals have the right to defend themselves against the drug charges in a Georgia criminal courtroom. The specific charges against them were not reported, and it will be the duty of defense counsel for each person to assess the circumstances surrounding the traffic stop and subsequent arrest in order to identify any legal or factual issues to address in court. For instance, it is not clear why the vehicle was stopped in the first place and that may play an important role in the coming proceedings. Government prosecutors are charged with proving each and every element of the crimes charged as to each defendant, a burden set high intentionally to protect against the possibility of innocent people being convicted of crimes they did not actually commit.

Source:, “Two Georgia Residents Arrested on Drug Charges”, July 1, 2015

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