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Woman charged with white collar crimes in Georgia

Nobody is perfect and everybody makes some mistakes in life. However, some mistakes come with more serious consequences. In some instances, this can result in white collar crimes charges. This seems to be what has happened with one woman in Georgia who is now facing charges of fraud crimes.

The woman was a city employee when she was arrested on five charges of financial identity fraud. She was also charged with one count of theft by taking, according to a report released to the public by authorities. Apparently the woman had been purchasing personal items for herself with city credit cards. The woman reportedly admitted to spending a minimum of $6,000 during 2014.

The city government had also started their own investigation into the incident, which led the city officials to terminate the woman’s employment. It has also led the city to review internal policies and procedures in order to prevent similar incidences from occurring again. The suspect turned herself into law enforcement, according to authorities. The woman has since paid the required bail to be released from jail.

Now the woman will be attempting to remain free and not behind bars. This will require her to design a strong legal defense argument in response to the fraud crimes charges. However, carefully studying the evidence against her with the aim of challenging the prosecution’s legal argument will be essential in order for the defendant to prevail in a court of law in Georgia.

Source:, “White Collar Crimes charges filed against former Chehaw employee”, June 26, 2015

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