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Drug charges for Georgia prison guard

Most companies have policies regarding drug use at their places of employment. When those policies are violated, there are consequences — even if that workplace is a prison. A Georgia guard at Baldwin State Prison was recently arrested regarding drug charges of selling heroin. He was also charged with violating the oath of office.

The Commander of the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force stated that members of the task force had purchased heroin from the guard twice. They discovered that he was a prison guard the first time they bought the drugs. They got the appropriate warrants together before they purchased from him the second time. The entire investigation process lasted about a month.

The 30-year old guard was arrested during a 12-hour shift. He was taken from the prison where he works to the county jail. Reports state that the guard, a midlevel corrections officer, had worked since 2010 for the Georgia Department of Corrections. He lived with his parents and drove to work in the same truck he allegedly used for selling the heroin.

Georgia residents facing similar drug charges may find it is beneficial to contact a criminal defense attorney for assistance. With a case that is likely to go to trial, experienced legal counsel will focus on ensuring that an individual’s rights are protected throughout the process. Prosecutors must prove every element of a criminal charge made toward the defendant. This burden is set high so that innocent people are not convicted of crimes they did not commit. A criminal defense lawyer can offer advice on the best way to deal with drug charges.

Source:, “Georgia prison guard arrested at work, charged with selling heroin“, Laura Corley, Jan. 26, 2017

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