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Drug charges likely after license check in Georgia

Routine license checks are often conducted by law enforcement. In addition to determining possession or validity of licenses, officers also may check for driver impairment, vehicle fitness or drugs. Georgia residents may find themselves facing drug charges or other violations after being stopped at a license check. Several individuals are now under investigation after a recent operation in the state.

Law enforcement officials from the Georgia State Patrol, a local county sheriff’s office and the Georgia Department of Community Supervision worked jointly to conduct a license check on Interstate 75. Drivers were notified about the license check via message boards on the interstate. The checks were conducted for several hours on Jan. 13 for each vehicle that took Exit 13 off I-75.

A group of state troopers, deputies, probation officers and K9 personnel worked together to issue a total of 37 citations and five warnings. Citations were given for suspended licenses, unlicensed drivers, seat belt violations and child restraint violations. Felony arrests were made after officers seized several drugs, including marijuana, Flexeril and Diazopam. Other drug-related objects were also discovered in the operation.

Drivers in Georgia facing drug charges or other criminal charges after a routine license check often seek effective legal counsel to assist with their defense. The investigation process is often intimidating and may prove to be overwhelming. An experienced criminal attorney can assist a driver in pursuing a favorable result in his or her case. Individuals in similar situations hope to avoid conviction by seeking advice from a knowledgeable legal team.

Source:, “Officials investigate multiple drug arrests following planned license check“, Michael Reed, Jan. 13, 2017

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