Drug Charges: Voters say YES to Marijuana

Drug Charges: Voters say YES to Marijuana

This past week, we had some interesting election results. The Republican Party took home the big wins. Even President Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois switched to Red with Bruce Rauner taking over seat as Governor. But forget red and blue, the new political color of this country seems to be turning a pale shade of green, growing denser and danker with each election cycle. Yesterday voters in Alaska, Washington D.C., and Oregon, have decided it was due time that recreational use of marijuana be legalized.

This relatively new shift and leniency in drug laws illustrates a broad, budding new attitude toward narcotics in the United States. The tide is already changing, as can be seen on a state level with the results from yesterday’s election, as well as on a Federal level, with the recent two-point reduction on drug-related convictions–future, present, and past–which has and will continue to result in a reduced sentencing for all relevant convictions… or at least for the crimes not perpetrated by individuals with previous convictions of a sexual or violent nature. It is important for the judicial system as a whole for laws to be able to adapt to contemporary social standards and practices. Regardless of political stance, these new regulations are proof of a living democracy.

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