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Drug Charges: Search at home results in 2 arrests on drug charges

When undercover operations lead to the execution of search and arrest warrants, arrests often quickly follow. This was the case for two Georgia residents who were arrested in late October on drug charges. The charges stem from an ongoing investigation by undercover members of a law enforcement narcotics team.

Drug Charges: According to reports, local city and county law enforcement personnel, paired with a narcotics team, went to a residence with search and arrest warrants. As soon as officers entered the residence, they were allegedly shot at by those who were inside. After securing the situation and subsequently searching the home, authorities reportedly discovered marijuana, heroin and Oxycodone, along with over $1,000 in cash and a loaded firearm. In addition, authorities searched a storage unit where they found more heroin.

Authorities arrested two people who were inside the home at the time the warrants were executed. The two, one male and one female, are now facing felony drug charges. Both defendants are being held in a local detention center awaiting arraignment. The male who was arrested has been arrested twice before on drug charges and was the subject of the undercover operation.

Since the defendants face felony drug charges, they could face long prison sentences if convicted. In Georgia, as in all states, the defendants have the right to fight the charges levied against them in the court of law. If their defense is successful, they may see the charges dropped or reduced, or they may be able to bargain for less severe penalties.  

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Source:, “Warrants leads to heroin bust, shooting at police “, Oct. 30, 2014

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