Federal crimes typically prosecuted aggressively in Georgia

When federal agents storm a private residence, it is usually for serious reasons. In Georgia and elsewhere, federal crimes are typically prosecuted in a very aggressive manner. Therefore, any person who becomes suspect in a federal investigation, or charged with a crime, will want to prepare as strong a defense as possible should a later trial take place.

One married couple recently found themselves being escorted from their high-rise condominium by federal agents. Their condo was raided, and they were arrested on suspicion of bankruptcy fraud. The Federal Bureau of Investigation apparently conducted several other similar raids in the area, resulting in a total of eight arrests, including the man and his wife.

Authorities are now claiming that more than $3 million was bilked from the system in four separate cases of bankruptcy fraud. The married couple is accused of hiding and transferring assets before filing a Chapter 7 claim in 2010. The couple has three children, who have since been taken into the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

Being accused of federal crimes is obviously disruptive to families. Anyone in Georgia facing such charges may seek legal guidance from a defense attorney experienced in federal issues. Retaining aggressive legal representation is often a key factor toward a successful result in court. The burden of proof in such situations is on the prosecution. There are many things a criminal attorney can do to fight against their tactics and help a defendant avoid the most severe penalties associated with a conviction.

Source: CBS Miami, “FBI Raid Ends In Arrests For Bankruptcy Fraud”, Natalie Zea, May 17, 2016

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