Mayor in Georgia indicted for sex crimes against a child

Various incidents have occurred in Georgia in recent years that involve inappropriate sex acts against children. One recent case has apparently led to a Southwest mayor being indicted on charges of sex crimes. The 26-year-old mayor was reportedly elected to his position in 2012.

The politician now faces several serious sex offense charges regarding his alleged sexual involvement with minors. Aggravated sodomy and rape are among the allegations against the man. Bond has been set at $50,000

The mayor is currently being held in jail in Terrell County. Authorities seem to have become alerted to his possible sexual offenses during another man’s court trial. That 51-year-old man was convicted and sentenced to serve eight life sentences.

The court’s final ruling found that the 51-year-old man had used a child as a personal sexual object and used the child in sexual services to other adults. The outcome of the mayor’s situation remains to be seen. Prosecutors tend to aggressively litigate sex crimes involving minors. 

Still, any person in Georgia facing charges for sex crimes is able to secure legal representation before proceeding to court. A defendant may increase the chances of building a strong defense and obtaining a positive result by relying on the experience and negotiating skills of a criminal attorney. An attorney is often able to develop strategies to combat the prosecution’s assertions. Depending on the events that led to an arrest, a criminal lawyer may find that there are grounds for challenging the procedures that were followed by authorities in the case.

Source:, “Georgia mayor indicted on child molestation charges”, June 8, 2016

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