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Criminal Defense: Georgia teen faces state criminal charges

Criminal defense: Criminal charges can temporarily obstruct a person’s life, and in the event of a conviction, that obstruction may be much longer in duration. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you should call a criminal defense lawyer right away.

A Georgia teen is facing state criminal charges after he was accused of shooting at several people at a high school. He was charged with aggravated assault.  

According to reports, witnesses overheard the teen say something that indicated that he was going to “mess” something up. Other witnesses reportedly observed a large group of people gathered when the teen reached for his weapon and fired shots. Five people were shot, with four of them being students. Authorities are not sure what the teen’s motives were for the shooting, but they are investigating the incident.

A criminal defense attorney can help in a situation such as this to investigate what exactly went on as well.  Most of the time, it is necessary to understand everything that led up to this incident.  

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This is not the first time the teen has been in legal trouble; according to reports, he was arrested for robbery in the recent months. The teen’s next court date is in the near future and he’s being held at a county jail facility. Reportedly, the teen’s public defender attempted to have him released and placed on house arrest, but the request was denied.

Even though the teen has previous criminal charges, he is still entitled to a fair trial regarding the state criminal charges in his pending aggravated assault case. He has the right to review and challenge any evidence prosecutors intend to use against him. Moreover, he has the right to confront witnesses offering testimony against him in the courtroom and to otherwise fight to increase the odds of the best possible outcome. Georgia prosecutors will need to meet a burden of proof in order to secure a conviction.

Source: CBS News, “Marcellus Brooks, Georgia teenager, charged with shooting five near Atlanta high school“, , May 14, 2014

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