Georgia suspects arrested for tax fraud

White collar crimes can affect individuals both legally and personally if they are convicted of the charges. Some of the most common infractions for which Georgia prosecutors seek convictions are tax fraud and identity theft. Throughout the years, millions of people have become victims of fraudulent tax filings, which has led to the arrest of suspects involved in tax rings. However, just because someone has been formally charged does not necessarily mean that are automatically guilty.

According to reports, authorities arrested 13 individuals who are accused of being involved with tax fraud and identity theft. Prosecutors believe that two more suspects are involved with the alleged fraud organization, but they have not yet been arrested. Reports indicate that over 50 suspects allegedly stole identities of other individuals for the purpose of filing fraudulent tax returns. The suspects would then reportedly steal the refunds.

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The investigation into this matter involved multiple agencies. The agencies included the Internal Revenue Service and the Georgia Department of Revenue. Another agency included in the investigation is the Atlanta field office of the Federal Bureau of investigation. The tax and identity theft ring is still being investigated. No other details have been reported.

Being charged with tax fraud or any other white collar crime can come with heavy consequences if a conviction is obtained. From a legal standpoint, defendants may face a harsh prison sentence and be forced to pay restitution to alleged victims. Personally speaking, defendants may lose the privilege of working in certain places of employment, particularly those that engage in financial information of consumers. Georgia defendants may reduce the chances of having negative legal outcomes by fully understanding their legal rights.

Source:, “15 people charged with identity theft, tax fraud ring in Georgia”, , April 24, 2014

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