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Mike Scott arrested on drug charges after traffic stop in Georgia

Criminal charges are stressful for anyone. However, facing criminal drug charges can be even more stressful for those in the public eye. This is definitely true for professional athletes who end up being arrested and charged with crimes for one reason or another. One professional basketball player is now facing this situation after being charged with drug crimes in Georgia.

Professional basketball player Mike Scott was arrested after a traffic stop in late July of 2015. Police claim that they found two illegal substances in the basketball player’s vehicle. The police reportedly confiscated 35.2 grams of marijuana, as well as 10.9 grams of ecstasy. Scott’s younger brother was reportedly in the car with him at the time of the arrest.

Now, Scott could be facing significant time in jail. The professional basketball player could end up spending up to 25 years behind bars if he is indeed convicted of both charges. The marijuana charge has the potential to carry as many as 10 years behind bars. Criminal charges related to the ecstasy can result in up to 15 years in prison.

On the other hand, Scott has the right to defend himself against the allegations of drug crimes. A defendant is presumed innocent until proved guilty in the court of law in Georgia. However, in order to exonerate oneself of criminal charges in court, a defendant will need to be ready with a strong legal defense argument. He or she will then have to present this argument in front of a judge, who will ultimately decide the case.

Source:, “Hawks’ Mike Scott faces up to 25 years on two felony drug charges”, Zach Harper, August 12, 2015

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