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Sex Crimes: Georgia – running from sex crimes charges arrested

Running away from law enforcement is not the situation in which a person would usually like to be. However, many people end up in this predicament, which typically leads to an eventual arrest and serious criminal charges that could come with heavy penalties if a person is convicted. It appears that one man is now dealing with this exact problem and, after extradition to Georgia, will face charges for alleged sex crimes.

Reportedly, the man had been on the run from authorities since early July. The 51-year-old was originally charged with kidnapping, rape and sodomy. The police received a tip regarding the man’s whereabouts in another state. This led the authorities to confront a man who had been a former prison mate of the fugitive.

When asked about the fugitive’s whereabouts, the former prison mate apparently told police he had just given the fugitive a ride to some other location approximately 20 minutes prior. However, investigators say they found the man’s story suspicious and decided to search his home. The search is said to have led police to discover the fugitive in a bedroom in the back of the Texas residence.

The two men will now be facing criminal charges resulting from the incident. It is anticipated that both will stand trial in Georgia. The fugitive will face charges for the incident and for the previously suspected sex crimes charges, and his prison mate faces accusations of hindering the apprehension of a felon. Although things may look somewhat bleak, each man remains protected by the presumption of innocence unless and until prosecutors are able to convince a court of their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Under such circumstances, it would typically be prudent to contact a legal professional for an assessment of an individual case in order to explore all options that might be available before proceeding to court.

Source:, “CrimeStoppers Tip Leads to Sex Offender Fugitive Arrest”, Kathleen Witte, Aug. 24, 2015

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