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Drug Charges: Police raid Georgia house, find heroin and a monkey

Drug Charges: Georgia police often conduct extended investigations when they suspect one or more parties of illicit drug activities. A recent bust occurred after a long surveillance of a Georgia couple. Officers say that in addition to possible heroin, they found some other items as well, including one that came as a surprise.

Officers claim the 58-year-old woman and her 64-year-old husband were in possession of a stolen gun and prescription pills. They also said they found two dogs and a monkey inside the married couple’s home. The spouses were arrested for drug charges and their dogs were placed with a local animal control department.

As for the monkey, reports indicate it was released to the care of a family member. The couple now faces multiple felony drug charges, and they were also charged with receiving stolen goods. Police say they had been closely watching the couple for approximately five years before the recent raid and subsequent arrests took place.

When someone is charged with crimes involving heroin or other heavy narcotics in Georgia, the legal process that unfolds is often wrought with challenges. Most defendants find it helpful to secure experienced representation for court proceedings, rather than try to go it alone. In fact, a person can request consultation with an attorney even before any formal arrest has been made or charges filed. It may prove beneficial to allow an attorney to scrutinize the investigative process in case any information gathered therein becomes useful toward a positive outcome in court should charges be filed at a later point in time.

Source:, “Georgia police find monkey, drugs during bust”, Beau Evans, Sept. 7, 2016

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