What is Mariam’s Law and how does it affect the Sex Offender Registry in Georgia

This news article explains most of the details of Mariam’s law, a law that was passed just last week.  It expands the restrictions on sex offenders.

The biggest wrinkle that this bill has caused so far is the requirement to be fitted by the Department of Community Supervision with a device capable of tracking the location of the sexual offender (aka ankle monitor) while on probation or parole and awaiting risk assessment classification from SORRB if the person has previously been convicted of a felony sexual offense. Basically, if the SORRB hasn’t leveled you yet, you will be contacted to get an ankle monitor at your expense, of course.

Or, if your assigned community supervision officer determines that a special need exists for you to wear an ankle monitor due to the ‘immediate danger to society the offender poses based upon a substantial risk of perpetrating a future dangerous sexual offense.’ then here they come as well with that ankle monitor.

There is some relief delineated in the bill.  You can petition the court to have the ankle monitor removed.  But, the court will need to determine if the person does not “pose an immediate danger to society” by a preponderance of evidence.

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