What to do when the state examiners walk into your dental office

You spent all those hours and training to pass the Georgia Board of Dentistry only to turn around and have that license threatened by something you do to help your patients. As a dentist, you focus on keeping your patient’s oral health in good order and helping them achieve a better smile. Unfortunately, when the state examiners show up, it can be difficult to know what to do. 

Know the rules 

The Georgia Board of Dentistry has 11 board members who determine the current rules and regulations. Not only do they handle the rules, but they also approve licensing and renewals for the state. While the National Board Examination administers the exam, you must go through the board to obtain a license. Dentists must also submit to HIPAA guidelines because they handle patient information. Understanding the various rules on what procedures and prescriptions you can administer can help you avoid negatively impacting your license. 


If the state examiners come to your office, the worst thing to do is make things more difficult for them. Try to remain calm and polite as they address their reasons for being there and detail what they want you to do. The best initial plan is to follow their recommendations. If they want you to immediately close your office, apologize to your patients, then close up shop. They should have paperwork in hand to provide you with the reasons for their request. Then, you can start working on your defense. 

Hire an attorney 

An experienced defender can help you fight the allegations and protect your dental license. Without a good defense, you have limited ability to regain lost time and money, not to mention avoid losing your license to practice. Regardless of the examiner’s reason for being in your office, following these guidelines can make it easier to start your defense and get back to caring for your patients. 

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