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4 people in Georgia accused of drug crimes

Georgia law enforcement agents often make arrests under suspicion of illicit substance-related activity. However, merely being accused of drug crimes does not mean that those involved will be convicted. Defendants may challenge various aspects of their arrests and often increase their chances of obtaining positive outcomes when they retain experienced legal representation to act on their behalves in court.

In Washington County, a recent incident took place that resulted in four people now facing drug charges. A police task force apparently searched a home and claimed to have found various drug-related items on the premises. Two women and one man, each 40 years of age, and another 32-year-old woman, were arrested. Various charges filed in connection with the recent home search include both misdemeanor and felony infractions.

Domestic and International Extradition

Extradition is defined as the surrender of a person by a State to another State for prosecution or punishment.  States usually will work with one another to extradite individuals facing serious charges.  For example, if a person is facing a murder arrest warrant in NY and is arrested in Georgia for an unrelated charge, then NY will request GA to extradite that individual to face the charges in NY.  An attorney in GA can help the client decide whether or not to fight extradition and a lawyer in NY can help the client face the murder charges.  Conaway & Strickler, PC, fortunately, is licensed to practice in both NY and GA and would be able to advise the client on both ends.  

Alleged Georgia Sex Crimes Arrests number in double digits

Persons numbering in the double digits were apparently involved in recent arrests made in connection with suspected illicit online activities. Three of the accused pleaded guilty on a recent Wednesday for the alleged sex crimes. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and other authorities arrested 22 individuals in May resulting from a child sex sting operation.

Authorities say that agents posed as underage girls online, attempting to gain contact with adults who might want to engage in sexual interactions with minors. Investigators are said to have created their own online pages, and also commented on the pages of others in order to establish a connection with the potential suspects. The respective ages of the three who were recently convicted and sentenced were 25, 41 and 52. 

White Collar Crimes:What if charged with fraud crimes in Georgia

White Collar Crimes: Sometimes, a person who has been arrested in Georgia questions whether law enforcement agents have acted in adherence to the strict regulations and protocol that govern the process. Especially in situations involving suspected fraud crimes where a search and seizure has taken place, or when a defendant believes that a mishandling of evidence or inappropriate processing of an arrest has occurred, a person accused may want to retain the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to review the situation. There have been incidents where the court has dismissed a case or ruled certain proposed evidence inadmissible when it has been determined that a defendant's rights were violated in some way.

At Conaway & Strickler, P.C., our successful record speaks for itself concerning our commitment to helping you protect and exercise your rights. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to present an aggressive defense in light of any fraud charges you may face. Knowing that your personal and professional reputation may be in jeopardy, we are dedicated to conducting a thorough investigation into the details of your arrest in order to craft a strong defense strategy on your behalf.

Challenging search and seizure regarding drug charges in Georgia

When formally accused of illicit drug activity in Georgia, it is advisable to seek legal guidance in the matter. Challenging search and seizure procedures is often effective when defending yourself against drug charges in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney is sometimes able to establish the fact that a violation of personal rights has taken place during or in the aftermath of an arrest.

At Conaway & Strickler, P.C., our legal team's clear understanding of the law allows us to thoroughly investigate the details of an individual case in order to determine whether law enforcement agents have acted under proper authorization when searching a vehicle or seizing alleged drug paraphernalia during an arrest. In situations in which officers are found to have violated a defendant's rights, the court is sometimes required to discard the supposed evidence. This may lead to a dismissal of a case.

Sex Crimes: Police chase ends in statutory rape charge in Georgia

Sex Crimes: There are times in each person's life when one finds oneself in a less than ideal predicament. Many times this may involve the police, which could mean one will be facing serious legal problems. This is what two men in Georgia now face after recently being arrested for a variety of charges, including statutory rape.

The two men found themselves in a high-speed chase with police one evening in mid-November. It turns out the two suspects had a runaway juvenile with them at the time. The incident started when authorities had learned the runaway girl was traveling with the suspects along the highway. The chase eventually ended with a shootout with police.

Drug Charges: Two face marijuana charges in Georgia

Drug Charges: Everybody makes mistakes from time to time. This can be especially common among younger adults due to the lack of life experience. Many people make these types of mistakes while they are still college students. It turns out that two college student athletes in Georgia may have recently found themselves in this type of situation, and they are now facing marijuana charges.

The two football players are college freshmen and were arrested in early November. The two college athletes will now be facing misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession. The university is obligated to suspend each of the players for one game, in accordance with university policy. One of the suspects is a linebacker and has played in seven games, while the other suspect is a defensive lineman with prior appearances in two games for the team.

White Collar Crimes:Georgia accident leads 2 fraud crimes charges

White Collar Crimes: Regardless of the circumstances, being involved in a car accident is never an enjoyable experience. Even if the accident is relatively minor, there will likely be police reports and insurance companies to deal with. Two men in Georgia face additional obstacles after they were involved in a recent accident -- they now faces accusations of committing fraud crimes.

The men -- a 23-year-old and a 21-year-old --  were involved in what appears to be a relatively minor accident on a Georgia interstate. No one was injured in the accident. However, detectives soon realized that one of the men, a 23-year-old, was allegedly wanted in a different county. The details of the warrant in the nearby county are unclear. As a result, a search of the vehicle ensued.

3 charged with drug charges after arrest in Georgia

Drugs can cause all types of serious problems for an individual. Along with health dangers, possession of illegal drugs can also result in significant legal problems. Three individuals were recently arrested on drug charges in Floyd County.

The three  were arrested on Georgia criminal charges related to methamphetamine. A 25-year-old male has been charged with possession of methamphetamine and marijuana. The man, apparently wanted on a fugitive warrant as well, was also charged with distribution and sale of marijuana. Various other criminal charges were also levied against him, according to police reports.

Man accused of white collar crimes arrested after six years

An incident that began six years ago took a new turn in recent days. A man accused of white collar crimes was apprehended on the Appalachian Trail, which begins in Georgia and stretches toward the Northeast for more than 2,000 miles. The man involved is age 53, and authorities claim that he had embezzled more than $8 million from his former employer.

Representatives from the FBI explained that the when the man in question was accused of stealing from his employer in 2009, he became a suspected fugitive from justice. Agents placed the man under arrest in May 2015, while he was at a festival celebrating the trail he had frequented for the past six years. Many people have said that he had become very well known along the famous hiking trail. 

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