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Ryan Lochte and International Extradition 101

Ryan Lochte has been front and center in the news this past week, and not for his achievements at the Rio Olympics.  Unfortunately, he has learned that social media and statements made exaggerating what occurred has made things quite complicated for Mr. Lochte.  Speedo has ended their almost decade long relationship and Mr. Lochte has lost other endorsement deals over what occurred, and its aftermath.

Drug Charges: Officers say LSD in car during Georgia traffic stop

Drug charges: An incident occurred in Georgia on a recent Thursday that ultimately led to three people being arrested. Apparently, the events unfolded at a checkpoint on the road set up by local law enforcement agents. Authorities say the check station was arranged to check commercial vehicles and to screen motorists for drunk driving and other related impairments. Accusations of drug possession, including LSD, were later made against several occupants of a car.

At some point, an officer stopped a particular car on suspicion that the driver was impaired in some way. It was allegedly later determined that the person behind the wheel was acting under the influence of drugs. The officer reportedly conducted a search of the vehicle.

Georgia couple facing criminal defense issues

Georgia state apparently had arrest warrants issued for two persons who happen to be married to each other. An incident recently occurred that led to accusations against the husband for property damage and other offenses. The encounter reportedly resulted in both husband and wife being placed under arrest and in need of criminal defense.

Allegedly, the spouses, both of whom are age 43, had decided to go for a swim without wearing any clothing. Another woman, age 40, appears to have contacted local law enforcement, saying that she and her friend had become engaged in a dispute with the man at a boating dock. She said she had asked the man if the floating device he was using belonged to him. At that point, she claims the man brandished a knife.

Federal crimes: What to do when facing federal criminal charges

Federal Crimes: Being tried in a federal court in Georgia is an obviously serious matter. The thought of facing federal criminal charges can be quite worrisome and stressful for those involved. There are several steps a person can take, however, to help alleviate stress and prepare a thorough defense.

Even before an arrest has taken place, a person under investigation may seek counsel from a criminal attorney. An experienced attorney may be able to offer advice in advance of any arrest or charges that may occur later. If charges have already been filed, an attorney can investigate the situation to determine whether any personal rights were violated in the process.

Sex Crimes: Georgia Tech staff member accused of sex crimes

A supervisor who was apparently working for Georgia Institute of Technology is now facing criminal charges related to illicit sexual behavior. The man is accused of sex crimes in connection with two supposed incidents that are said to have taken place in a student dormitory. The 52-year-old man was arrested on June 22, 2016.

Two days earlier, an unnamed person accused the supervisor of sexually harassing a female employee. The supposed incidents took place on two separate occasions earlier in June. The defendant was employed as the Senior Director of Housing Facilities Management at the university at the time the alleged acts occurred.

Drug charges filed against 3 men in Georgia

Drug charges have been filed against three men in Georgia. The felony drug charges involving drug possession were filed after police reported that they discovered amphetamines and oxycodone in a vehicle occupied by the men. The incident took place on a recent Monday.

According to authorities, a 50-year-old man was driving a truck and weaved on the street. Police stopped him close to the intersection of Georgia 53 and a local street in Floyd County. The stop occurred at about 11 p.m.

Mayor in Georgia indicted for sex crimes against a child

Various incidents have occurred in Georgia in recent years that involve inappropriate sex acts against children. One recent case has apparently led to a Southwest mayor being indicted on charges of sex crimes. The 26-year-old mayor was reportedly elected to his position in 2012.

The politician now faces several serious sex offense charges regarding his alleged sexual involvement with minors. Aggravated sodomy and rape are among the allegations against the man. Bond has been set at $50,000

Federal crimes typically prosecuted aggressively in Georgia

When federal agents storm a private residence, it is usually for serious reasons. In Georgia and elsewhere, federal crimes are typically prosecuted in a very aggressive manner. Therefore, any person who becomes suspect in a federal investigation, or charged with a crime, will want to prepare as strong a defense as possible should a later trial take place.

One married couple recently found themselves being escorted from their high-rise condominium by federal agents. Their condo was raided, and they were arrested on suspicion of bankruptcy fraud. The Federal Bureau of Investigation apparently conducted several other similar raids in the area, resulting in a total of eight arrests, including the man and his wife.

Georgia police search leads to drug charges for four people

Some in Georgia may be facing legal challenges associated with charges of criminal activities that include alleged drug activity. Being arrested on drug charges is a serious matter. Often, a person stands to lose much if convicted, including time with family, a job and his or her good standing within a community.

Recently, police say they went out in search of a man who was wanted on an outstanding warrant. Upon arriving at the home where they believed the man was located, a sudden turn of events led to a different situation altogether. Officers claim they entered the home and immediately saw evidence of illegal drug activity.

False Claims Act - How to Defend Against the Government

False Claims Act -  Has the state or federal government reached out to your professional office alleging violations of the False Claims Act?  Call Conaway & Strickler, PC as soon as possible if so.  It is imperative to have help at the first indication that the government is looking into your billing for Medicare.  Are they alleging upcoding?  Overbilling?  Phantom billing?  The U.S. Attorney's Office and /or the State will attempt to sue you under the False Claims Act, but also, will attempt to bring criminal charges.  They may be alleging that some billing was not done in compliance with Medicare rules. Having a lawyer involved will help throughout the process and can dramatically reduce the amount the government alleges were wrongfully billed.   

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