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2 arrested for drug charges in Valdosta

Businesses in Georgia have packages delivered frequently. A variety of items necessary to the operation of the business are shipped with no incident. However, according to reports, a Valdosta business recently received packages that led to several drug charges for two people.

The Valdosta Police Narcotics Unit received information about two supposedly suspicious packages that had been delivered earlier to a business. Five packages were inspected by the Unit at the business. The Valdosta Police Drug Detection K-9 worked with the Narcotics Unit and their dog reportedly alerted on the packages.

White collar crimes: 3 facing charges of fraud and bribery

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation in conjunction with the Gordon County Sheriff's Office recently arrested three people on charges of fraud and bribery. These alleged white collar crimes were apparently discovered after the county's tax commissioner found discrepancies in his office's records. An investigation among several agencies lasted several days after the sheriff's office was notified.

The Gordon County Sheriff reported that on May 26, a 26-year-old Atlanta man was arrested and taken to jail. The man allegedly attempted to get vehicle registration documentation from the county Tax Office that police suspected to be fraudulent. Apparently, a 35-year-old man from Marietta was arrested later that same day for similar charges. The men face charges of bribery of a public official, computer document fraud and false statements registering motor vehicles.

Drug charges filed against top physician addiction specialist

A call to police regarding a domestic disturbance has landed a Georgia physician in deep trouble for other matters, according to media reports and records of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. The man's arrest on apparent drug charges occurred when responding police found him allegedly in possession of 81 Oxycodone pills, per the sheriff's office. The arrest raises concerns because the doctor has been working as a prominent drug abuse specialist for many years in the Atlanta area.

Those concerns are heightened by the fact that, in 1990, the Georgia Medical Board had placed his license on probation for seven years on charges that he diverted painkillers to his own use through prescriptions written to family members. In addition, he is currently the director of Talbott Recovery, a prominent drug abuse treatment facility. The CEO of the facility announced that the doctor had been placed on administrative leave after the arrest.

Georgia student focused on criminal defense for social media post

Something viewed as a humorous prank by one person could be perceived in a much different light by another. Every action taken, regardless of someone's age, can potentially bring life-changing consequences. A college scholarship student in Georgia is likely preparing a criminal defense due to his actions involving a photo he allegedly snapped and posted on social media.

In Nov. 2016, a cadet at the University of North Georgia in his junior year went to a restroom in the Military Leadership Center in Dahlonega. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the cadet apparently saw one of his instructors at a urinal with his shorts pulled down. The cadet allegedly took a photo with his phone and sent it to some of his friends. Following that, the photo was purportedly shared on a messaging app and was seen by hundreds of viewers.

Georgia police accuse teenager of rape

Police have an obligation to investigate all accusations. However, when accusations involve claims of sexual assault, it may not always be easy for authorities to gain sufficient evidence to gain a conviction. Although details of an alleged incident between two students at a private school are unclear, police have recently arrested a private school student in Georgia and charged him with rape.

According to reports, the alleged victim sought treatment at a hospital. Hospital staff then contacted police. Police say that an investigation -- including interviews with the victim as well as other parties -- led them to believe that there is probable cause to make an arrest and file charges.

Georgia agent arrested for insurance fraud

Georgia residents regularly deal with insurance agents to obtain coverage for homes, vehicles and other valuable assets. Transactions are routinely conducted with an expectation that an agent is properly submitting premiums payments made by a client to an agency. A McIntosh County agent was recently arrested for insurance fraud for allegedly keeping money intended for insurance companies.

A report from the Insurance Commission's Fraud Unit claims that a 35-year-old man was personally using funds his clients had remitted to pay for their car insurance. Since the money was apparently never applied to the clients' insurance premiums, none of them were properly insured. Had an accident occurred, the clients could have experienced potential financial hardships.

Teacher and others face drug charges after bust

Any accusation involving drugs could lead to serious consequences. Penalties for a conviction of drug charges in Georgia may range from fines to time in jail.  A recent arrest in Hall County has resulted in numerous charges for three people.

The Hall County Sheriff's Office reports that a 28-year woman and a 24-year-old woman have been arrested regarding drug charges. The women were arrested at a house where several weapons and drugs were reportedly found. The 25-year-old brother of the younger woman is also being sought by police.

Judge allows pair charged with tax fraud to continue filing taxes

Many taxpayers in Georgia and throughout the country are charged with fraud each year. When the person charged with tax fraud is a tax preparer, the situation becomes even more complicated. A judge in Fulton County recently allowed someone whose tax filings are under investigation to continue her tax preparation business.

A Hapeville councilwoman and her daughter are being investigated for alleged tax fraud by the Georgia Department of Revenue. Officials claim that the pair were being scrutinized after a local television station had questioned thousands of returns they had filed. There was speculation that the amount of the returns their clients had received were inflated.

Georgia man arrested on drug charges; police seeking another

Georgia police recently responded to an incident involving two Marietta men. One has been arrested on drug charges. Officers are still searching for another individual who reportedly fled from the scene.

According to police reports, officers responded to a 911 call that had reported a parked car with a man sitting inside, vomiting outside the vehicle. When the police arrived on the scene, they initially spoke with him. However, reports state that the man fled on foot, then got into a van driven by an unidentified woman and left the scene. By police accounts, two officers were almost hit by the van as it left the scene. However, no assault charges were filed after a video review.

Many facing theft and drug charges

Criminal charges often result after a search warrant has been executed. Police may enter a home and discover multiple infractions. They often find things beyond what was specified in the warrant. A Georgia man now faces drug charges in a similar situation involving a recent search warrant.

Floyd County Police report that a 27-year old Chickamauga man was arrested following a search of his home. The police executed a search warrant at his residence and found methamphetamine there. Since the quantity of the drug in the house exceeded what they expect to find for someone's personal use, and packaging materials were also found in the home, police charged the man with possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute.

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