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Man accused of white collar crimes arrested after six years

An incident that began six years ago took a new turn in recent days. A man accused of white collar crimes was apprehended on the Appalachian Trail, which begins in Georgia and stretches toward the Northeast for more than 2,000 miles. The man involved is age 53, and authorities claim that he had embezzled more than $8 million from his former employer.

Representatives from the FBI explained that the when the man in question was accused of stealing from his employer in 2009, he became a suspected fugitive from justice. Agents placed the man under arrest in May 2015, while he was at a festival celebrating the trail he had frequented for the past six years. Many people have said that he had become very well known along the famous hiking trail. 

White Collar Crimes: Medicaid insurance fraud charges in Georgia

Medical insurance can be complicated for both the patient and the medical provider. This can cause inconsistencies in the reporting of medical services performed by healthcare professionals. However, these inconsistencies can result in serious legal problems, including charges for white collar crimes, for medical providers. One psychologist is learning this the hard way and is now facing Medicaid insurance fraud charges in Georgia.

Prosecutors are accusing the psychologist of fraudulently billing Medicaid for services that were never performed. The Georgia Attorney General's Office claims that the psychologist billed more than $250,000 worth of fraudulent claims. The psychologist allegedly received payments for the reported services in question between late February 2011 and mid-November 2013.

Drug Charges: Drug trafficking charges for 10 pounds of meth

Many illegal drugs can be highly detrimental to the health of users. However, illegal drugs can also be harmful to those who sell the drugs as well. Those who are arrested on drug charges can face serious penalties, including significant time behind bars. This is what two men are now facing after being arrested on drug crimes in Georgia.

The arrest happened one afternoon in early September after law enforcement seized over 10 pounds of methamphetamine. The seized illegal drug stash is estimated to be worth approximately $450,000. The two men were arrested around 3:30 p.m. in the parking lot of a shopping center. Apparently, investigators had the two men under surveillance, which enabled them to determine the two suspects would be at that specific location at that particular time.

Sex Crimes: Georgia - running from sex crimes charges arrested

Running away from law enforcement is not the situation in which a person would usually like to be. However, many people end up in this predicament, which typically leads to an eventual arrest and serious criminal charges that could come with heavy penalties if a person is convicted. It appears that one man is now dealing with this exact problem and, after extradition to Georgia, will face charges for alleged sex crimes.

Reportedly, the man had been on the run from authorities since early July. The 51-year-old was originally charged with kidnapping, rape and sodomy. The police received a tip regarding the man's whereabouts in another state. This led the authorities to confront a man who had been a former prison mate of the fugitive.

Mike Scott arrested on drug charges after traffic stop in Georgia

Criminal charges are stressful for anyone. However, facing criminal drug charges can be even more stressful for those in the public eye. This is definitely true for professional athletes who end up being arrested and charged with crimes for one reason or another. One professional basketball player is now facing this situation after being charged with drug crimes in Georgia.

Professional basketball player Mike Scott was arrested after a traffic stop in late July of 2015. Police claim that they found two illegal substances in the basketball player's vehicle. The police reportedly confiscated 35.2 grams of marijuana, as well as 10.9 grams of ecstasy. Scott's younger brother was reportedly in the car with him at the time of the arrest.

21 individuals arrested on drug charges in Georgia

The law can be harsh for those convicted of drug crimes. Recently, arrests were made following a six month long sting operation that purportedly focused on cracking down on drugs sold to minors. It was reported that 21 people will be facing drug charges in Georgia.

The sheriff's office in Bulloch County had apparently been receiving calls from school officials regarding suspected drug dealing activities in and around the Georgia town of Portal. Community leaders and ordinary citizens are said to have made calls to the local authorities regarding their concerns. These calls prompted authorities to initiate an investigation. The sting operation eventually culminated in deputies serving multiple search and arrest warrants in various locations.

Deputies arrest 2 individuals on drug charges in Georgia

Drugs are dangerous substances and many can be quite addictive. One of the most addictive and dangerous illegal drugs is methamphetamine. Two individuals are facing Georgia drug charges after police initiated a traffic stop.

Along with methamphetamine, the two allegedly caught with prescription pills and marijuana. The incident occurred at a traffic stop in late June when law enforcement approached a vehicle they had detained in order to investigate. The vehicle was occupied by a 56-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman. The woman allegedly hid a package down her pants as the deputies were approaching the vehicle.

Woman charged with white collar crimes in Georgia

Nobody is perfect and everybody makes some mistakes in life. However, some mistakes come with more serious consequences. In some instances, this can result in white collar crimes charges. This seems to be what has happened with one woman in Georgia who is now facing charges of fraud crimes.

The woman was a city employee when she was arrested on five charges of financial identity fraud. She was also charged with one count of theft by taking, according to a report released to the public by authorities. Apparently the woman had been purchasing personal items for herself with city credit cards. The woman reportedly admitted to spending a minimum of $6,000 during 2014.

Criminal Defense: Murder dropped, woman still faces charges

Criminal defense: People's lives are full of ups and downs. This can be emotionally challenging for many to experience. Everybody reacts differently under emotionally difficult times, and some people make extremely bad mistakes. This seems to have been what one woman experienced when she was arrested on state criminal charges in Georgia.

The woman was charged with murder after she attempted to abort her own pregnancy with abortion pills she had purchased online. However, the district attorney decided to retract the warrant against the woman for murder. Apparently, the district attorney determined that he was not legally able to prosecute a woman for feticide of a woman's own pregnancy.

Georgia man needs criminal defense against kidnapping charges

Most people go through some emotionally challenging times at some point in their lives. Sometimes it takes a strong person to remain in control during these periods. However, some people are not that strong and end up doing things they may regret later. One man in Georgia may have found himself in this predicament and is now in need of criminal defense.

The man was recently arrested in late May following a chase with police officers. Apparently, the police officers used a stun gun in order to finally capture the man and put him under arrest. The man is now being charged with kidnapping his own 5-year-old daughter. The suspect said that he had been upset about his wife taking his daughter away from him.

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