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Drug offenses and child custody cases

If you have found yourself in the middle of a dispute over child custody, you may be facing an especially difficult time in your life. Unfortunately, for some people this stress and depression, along with potentially being unable to see their child, can increase the likelihood of substance abuse. The situation may then snowball out of control as someone is charged with a drug-related offense, which could have a negative impact on their child custody case, and lead to even more depression and anxiety. If you have found yourself in this position, it is crucial to go over your options and try to take steps to turn things around.

Sometimes, parents are even falsely accused of a drug crime, which is especially likely when they are involved in a custody dispute. For example, their child's other parent may try to throw them under the bus in an attempt to win custody of the child. In some cases, a person may even be framed and falsely accused of a drug offense (planting drugs in someone's house, etc.). There are many different issues to take into consideration, but protecting one's rights is pivotal. Moreover, you should be committed to pursuing an outcome that is in your child's best interests.

When your teen is accused of a drug crime

Drug-related charges can be incredibly hard, as we discussed in a recent blog post which looked at the challenges parents may face when they find themselves in this position. However, parents may also face difficulties if their child is accused of an offense involving drugs, from the distribution of an unlawful substance to the possession of illicit drugs. It is extremely important to handle these allegations appropriately and understand just how much is at stake. In Atlanta, and cities all around Georgia, this can be overwhelming for parents and teenagers alike. However, the way in which these cases are handled can have a major impact on a young person's future.

When parents find out that their teenager has been charged with a drug offense, they may be angry, very stressed out, or even depressed. A number of questions may arise and the parent may wonder why their child would do such a thing. However, there are many things to keep in mind for parents in this position, from peer pressure and exaggerated allegations to charges that are untrue altogether. Moreover, these charges could have a negative impact on a teenager's future, from applying to college to looking for a job. Because of the serious nature of drug charges, parents should support their child through this difficult time.

Dealing with drug charges as a parent

When someone is dealing with drug-related charges, the entire situation can be overwhelming and generate a lot of uncertainty, whether they are facing relatively minor charges or major charges that could result in many years behind bars. Moreover, some people may have an especially difficult time in this position, such as a parent. There are a number of ways that drug offenses could affect you as a parent, such as having a negative impact on your child custody case. As a result, it is vital to be carefully prepared for potential outcomes and do what you can to protect your future.

If a parent has to spend time behind bars because of drug charges, this can be devastating. Moreover, their children may experience negative emotions and face other problems in their life when their parent is behind bars, such as having an inability to participate in certain activities or have their parent drive them to school. As a parent, your reputation may also take a hit if you are charged with a drug-related offense and these charges could be used against you with respect to your child.

Social media and online harassment

With the advent of social media, people have been able to take advantage of a number of benefits that were not previously available. For example, it has never been easier for family members and friends from across the world to stay in touch, or to meet new people online. Sharing content with a global audience has also become much easier and many people enjoy the benefits of social networking platforms, blogs, video hosting sites, and so on. However, problems related to these sites also arise from time to time, and those facing charges of online harassment may find themselves in a difficult position.

Harassment takes many forms, whether someone claims they were bullied or a parent says that his or her child was pushed to suicide as a result of someone else's behavior. In an online environment, these issues can be especially problematic. Moreover, some people have found themselves falsely accused of online harassment. To some, these accusations may seem relatively insignificant. However, the consequences of online harassment charges can shatter one's life, resulting in time behind bars, in some cases.

The consequences of cooking the books and deceit

Cooking the books is an idiom referring to a variety of fraudulent activities used by companies to falsify financial information. Generally, the practice involves augmenting earnings or removing debt to improve financial standings.

The consequences for corporate misconduct and fraudulent misrepresentation are steep. Penalties range from federal charges and jail time to high dollar monetary sanctions and debarment.

False allegations of unlawful pornography

In the digital era, a wide variety of offenses can upend the lives of internet users. Some involve harassment and terrorism, while others may consist of copyright infringement, theft, and fraud. However, some internet crime charges have to do with pornography and these allegations can carry harsh consequences. Someone who is facing accusations of possessing or distributing illegal pornography may feel as if their entire life has been upended, even if they are innocent. If you are stressed out about untrue claims involving illegal pornography, it is pivotal to immediately go over your options and strive to have the truth come out.

Sometimes, unlawful porn cases involve allegations of underaged victims, while others have to do with revenge porn, or sharing nude images of a former partner without his or her consent. There are many different reasons why someone may be falsely accused of such an offense, whether one of their former partners wishes to cause harm or someone is trying to frame them for one reason or another. When someone finds themselves accused of wrong-doing involving pornography, the stigma surrounding their case can be incredibly harsh. They might find themselves out of work or unemployable, losing relationships with close friends and family members.

White collar crime charges and your career

Being charged with a white collar crime can be incredibly overwhelming, whether you are accused of insider trading, fraud, or an internet offense. In some instances, people who are accused of these types of crimes believe that the consequences of these charges pale in comparison to offenses they believe are more serious, such as those which involve violence. However, it must be noted that white collar offenses can be incredibly damaging for those who are dealing with allegations and may impact their future in other ways as well. For example, their career could be upended due to their record and stigma.

Depending on the nature of the offense you have been accused of and your place of employment, you may have found yourself out of work after allegations surfaced. If not, you could still be impacted as well. For example, you might have more difficulty landing a job in a particular field because of these charges. To make things worse, these accusations are not to be taken lightly and can essentially destroy your reputation, which can be damaging in more ways than one.

The White Collar Paradox

White collar crime has become a paradox in the interconnected world we live in today. On the one hand, the ways and means to inadvertently slide into many white collar scenarios have increased exponentially. On the other, penalties for those charged with a white-collar crime have been on the increase.

Extremely Easy

Handling false allegations of cyberbullying

In the digital era, people may find themselves accused of a number of offenses involving the internet, such as cyberbullying. Some people may not think that cyberbullying is very serious or that these charges carry harsh repercussions, but cyberbullying accusations can virtually destroy someone's life in a variety of ways. Not only do people accused of this offense often face harsh criticism and damage to their reputation that may be permanent, but they may even spend time behind bars. Worse, some people are falsely accused of cyberbullying altogether, leaving them completely unsure of what to do next.

There are different reasons why someone may be falsely accused of cyberbullying. For example, perhaps one of their former friends or someone they used to be in a relationship with has decided to frame them, for whatever reason. If you have been falsely accused of bullying someone online, it is essential for you to carefully go over all of the case's details and make sure that you have figured out the best approach. You should do all you can to defend yourself appropriately and have the truth revealed.

Can drug charges affect student loans?

On this blog, we have gone over many of the different ways that drug charges can turn someone's life upside down. However, there are particularly problematic consequences for people in certain positions, such as college students who are worried about how the allegations they are facing may affect their ability to finish the degree program they are enrolled in. If you are accused of a drug-related offense and have no idea what to do next, it is especially important to review any unique aspects of your case or personal circumstances.

According to the Federal Student Aid website, a drug-related conviction can result in a student becoming ineligible for student aid. When students fill out their FAFSA, they are asked about drug offenses they have been convicted of while they were a recipient of federal student aid. If so, a worksheet will need to be completed to determine whether or not the offense will impact student aid. In some instances, students are able to become eligible for student aid by completing a drug rehab program.

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