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Federal crimes typically prosecuted aggressively in Georgia

When federal agents storm a private residence, it is usually for serious reasons. In Georgia and elsewhere, federal crimes are typically prosecuted in a very aggressive manner. Therefore, any person who becomes suspect in a federal investigation, or charged with a crime, will want to prepare as strong a defense as possible should a later trial take place.

One married couple recently found themselves being escorted from their high-rise condominium by federal agents. Their condo was raided, and they were arrested on suspicion of bankruptcy fraud. The Federal Bureau of Investigation apparently conducted several other similar raids in the area, resulting in a total of eight arrests, including the man and his wife.

Georgia police search leads to drug charges for four people

Some in Georgia may be facing legal challenges associated with charges of criminal activities that include alleged drug activity. Being arrested on drug charges is a serious matter. Often, a person stands to lose much if convicted, including time with family, a job and his or her good standing within a community.

Recently, police say they went out in search of a man who was wanted on an outstanding warrant. Upon arriving at the home where they believed the man was located, a sudden turn of events led to a different situation altogether. Officers claim they entered the home and immediately saw evidence of illegal drug activity.

False Claims Act - How to Defend Against the Government

False Claims Act -  Has the state or federal government reached out to your professional office alleging violations of the False Claims Act?  Call Conaway & Strickler, PC as soon as possible if so.  It is imperative to have help at the first indication that the government is looking into your billing for Medicare.  Are they alleging upcoding?  Overbilling?  Phantom billing?  The U.S. Attorney's Office and /or the State will attempt to sue you under the False Claims Act, but also, will attempt to bring criminal charges.  They may be alleging that some billing was not done in compliance with Medicare rules. Having a lawyer involved will help throughout the process and can dramatically reduce the amount the government alleges were wrongfully billed.   

Drug Charges: Investigation results in illegal charges in Georgia

Many drug charges investigations last for months before any arrests are made. Those in Georgia who become aware that they are subjects in formal criminal investigations can seek immediate assistance from experienced criminal defense attorneys. They do not have to wait to see if the investigation results in charges regarding illegal drugs being filed against them.

Because building a strong defense is typically crucial toward obtaining a positive outcome in court, it is best to discuss the situation with an attorney as soon as one is aware of it. This allows the attorney time to conduct a separate investigation, paying close attention to any interactions with law enforcement agents that may follow. It often happens that a person is accused of a crime and during the process of arrest, personal rights are violated. In such circumstances, any evidence collected by the prosecution can later be challenged in court.

White Collar Crimes: Four outside Georgia plead guilty

The penalties if convicted of mail or wire fraud in Georgia are often severe and may include an extended amount of time in prison. However, facing federal charges for alleged white collar crimes does not constitute guilt. A person's chances to obtain a positive outcome typically increase when experienced legal representation is secured before standing before the court.

In many situations, after seeking guidance from a criminal lawyer, a defendant may enter a guilty plea in light of impending charges. It appears that four people have recently done so in a U.S. District Court. The defendants have each admitted taking part in an identity theft scheme that involved birth certificates and Social Security numbers.

Federal Crimes: Relying on experienced guidance in Georgia

Being accused of a federal offense in Georgia or elsewhere certainly causes immediate and potentially long-lasting changes in one's life. Depending on the length of an investigation and the various proceedings and meetings required as the case makes its way through the legal system, persons charged with federal crimes may spend quite a bit of time in court. Many people facing such charges choose to rely on experienced criminal defense attorneys to guide them through the process.

A recent case involved what federal authorities have identified as an apparent "food stamp trafficking" scheme. There seems to be a black market that involves buying food stamps and paying cash back to the seller on the dollar. Federal agents say that in the process of their investigation, they seized hundreds of thousands in cash, as well as a man's home and a store he owned.

Criminal defense: Georgia law enforcement facing criminal charges

Criminal Defense: There are times when Georgia law enforcement agents are accused of illegal activities within their scopes of employment. In a recent incident, a police chief and an officer are facing state criminal charges, accused of violating their oaths of public office. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation recently released information regarding the matter.

Apparently, the 58-year-old police chief from the City of White and a 26-year-old officer were arrested on suspicion of making wrongful imprisonments. The two are also accused of reducing charges in a citation in order to collect fines. The alleged illegal activity reportedly took place between 2011 and 2015.

Building a strong defense against drug charges in Georgia

It is no secret that alleged drug crimes are aggressively prosecuted at both state and federal levels in Georgia. Many incidents involve law enforcement agents searching a person's private residence or vehicle. Being present in a location where drugs are found does not constitute grounds for a possessions charge. Anyone facing such drug charges is advised to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney so that an investigation can be conducted to determine whether specific charges are appropriate to the situation.

At Conaway & Strickler, P.C., we are committed to representing those charged with simple or serious drug offenses throughout the state. We understand that many people end up in jail for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are prepared to challenge the legality of the search and seizure process, as well as determine whether any of your personal rights have been violated during an arrest.

Criminal defense on tap after Georgia accident

Traffic accidents often lead to police investigations. Many times, the investigations are intended to identify causal factors in a collision, as well as who may or may not have been responsible for the crash. When citations are issued against a driver in Georgia, or criminal  charges filed, the person accused may increase chances of a positive outcome by retaining legal assistance to build a strong criminal defense.

An accident that some have characterized as bizarre occurred in January. A 36-year-old woman has already been cited by a Georgia patrolman for the incident. A criminal investigation regarding other aspects of the crash remains ongoing at this time.

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