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The cost of living in New York is skyrocketing. Times are tight, money is getting harder to come by and you may feel you can get away with using the ATM to make a few fraudulent check deposits or skimming device to make a little extra money to get by. Before you make a decision that could land you in prison, take a few moments to consider the impact of such actions. 

ATM fraud is a serious crime that, at minimum, is prosecutable at the state level. It carries serious penalties. There is a good chance you could even face federal criminal charges because it is also bank fraud. It does not matter what your intent is or that you mean to repay the funds. Once you misuse/abuse a debit or credit card to illegally access unauthorized funds from a financial institution, you could end up facing criminal charges for bank and ATM fraud. 

How ATM fraud can result in additional criminal charges 

Someone convicted of a crime that requires incarceration may wonder whether the court will order that the sentence be carried out at a state prison or a federal prison.

Although there are many similarities between the two, there are also differences to note.

State prison

The state of Georgia takes probation violations quite seriously. No one is above the law, not even congressional candidates. Recently, a former candidate for Georgia Congress, Steven Foster, violated probation by not completing his court-ordered DUI classes. 

It is paramount for anyone with a criminal record to take probation seriously. Probation is an opportunity for those with criminal records to show they can become upstanding citizens. People can violate their probations in various ways, so the individual and his or her family and friends need to work to ensure the person stays on the right side of the law. 

Ways to violate probation

People work hard to secure and maintain their funds, and a disruption in that can be very detrimental to their way of living. For this reason, any type of theft charge is quite serious.

Even though it is a white collar crime, embezzlement is still a federal crime. Though theft and embezzlement are related in some ways, they are different in the sight of the law.


An increasing number of teenagers have begun to abuse opioids in the United States. Some believe this may be because of its assessability.

It is not uncommon for teenagers to get their hands on the stuff by stealing it from their parents, an illegal act that parents could be held liable for. To protect yourself and your children from jail time and opioid abuse, follow these measures to ensure opioid prescriptions are stored in a safe, secure way.

Keep any prescriptions locked away

There is an opioid epidemic in the United States. Every day in the country, an average of 130 people die as a result of taking opioids. The sad reality is that many people remain unaware of the dangers because their doctors prescribed the medication to them. 

A lot of people assume prescription medication is safe, but the truth of the matter is that some medication can be just as dangerous as consuming an excessive amount of alcohol. You face serious consequences if convicted on any drug charges. Therefore, if you take any kind of prescription painkiller, then you need to know precisely how it impacts your body and mind. 

How opiates affect your mental state

The federal government looks on Medicare fraud rather severely because the offense involves defrauding the government of money. There are many ways to commit Medicare fraud.

For example, it could include any of the following:

  • Misrepresenting the facts of a case or making a false claim to the federal government to receive Medicare funds

Once a person receives a felony conviction in the state of Georgia, that party loses certain civil rights. This loss can have a lasting effect even after the person repays the debt to society.

Thankfully, in some cases, there are options for parties to seek restoration of their rights after receiving a felony. To complete this process, there are a few important things to understand.


According to recent research, drug overdose causes more Americans under the age of 50 to die than anything else — including firearms and motor vehicle accidents. This has been attributed to the global issue of opioid addiction.

Some solutions have been proposed to help those who are struggling with addiction be safer, seek help and prevent an overdose from taking another life. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Drug court

When someone commits a crime, they will likely face incarceration. Jail, state prison and federal prison are all places where one can go, but what are the differences between the three?



Many people think that jail and prison are the same. Often, the two are referenced as interchangeable, but jail and prison are, in fact, two different things. The two main differences between jail and prison are the governing body and length of time the inmate stays.

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