SHUT UP! Never speak with law enforcement without a lawyer

In 25 plus years of practicing law, I find this is the one rule clients of mine perpetually break.  Every single word uttered can impact the outcome of a case.  So, if you have a early morning or early evening, “knock and talk” SHUT UP!  Please state that you want a lawyer and then you can potentially give a statement.  Criminal investigators of all kinds  (IRS agents, FBI, Detectives, DFACS, etc) are trained to make one feel at ease and that “this is no big deal”.  Wrong. It IS a big deal. Remember they are recording you, and everything you say can and will be used against you.  

You have the right to say nothing!  Use it.

Don’t hand them your phone either.  Please.  Don’t allow them to search anything unless they have a valid search warrant.  Be super nice to them and cooperate/be compliant but do not “consent” to a search.  You are doing nothing wrong by asking for a lawyer before you speak or work with them.

Once you contact us during or after this surprise visit, Conaway & Strickler, PC will thoroughly analyze the facts, evidence, and circumstances surrounding the situation. We will then figure out the next strategic steps to take.

Together, we will work diligently to protect your rights, challenge any improper or illegal tactics employed by the government, and ensure that your statements align with your defense strategy. By carefully managing your interactions with law enforcement, integrity and quality of your defense is preserved.

Please contact us immediately should you find yourself in this situation. Do NOT handle this situation alone without a lawyer.

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