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ATM Skimming

If you or a loved one has been arrested or is being investigated for ATM or credit card skimming, federal criminal charges may soon follow. It is critical that you speak with a criminal defense attorney who has experience in federal courts. ATM skimming, like many other financial crimes, is a federal offense.

An attorney who can confidently build your case, protect your rights, and challenge the accusations and evidence of the prosecution is of vital importance. At Conaway & Strickler, P.C., we independently investigate each case we handle and prepare for trial from the beginning. In some cases, we may even be able to prevent arrest and public knowledge of an investigation.

It is important to take quick action against serious criminal charges. Call our Atlanta office at (404) 816-5000 or email us to schedule a consultation with an attorney.

Defense Against Bank Fraud, Conspiracy, Identity Theft and More

These are common charges in ATM skimming cases. It is not a standard white collar crime. Federal prosecutors in Georgia and across the United States have been prosecuting these cases for years. They know how to gather evidence, track down suspects and obtain search warrants efficiently.

Federal agents are highly trained and effective. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is even more effective. Dan Conaway and Meg Strickler are some of the best in the country, and you can retain their services at a reasonable rate.

When you are facing charges that could lead to multiple years in prison, you need aggressive, dedicated defense. You need your reputation protected. You need staunch advocacy to achieve your best possible outcome.

Do NOT speak with law enforcement agents or detectives until you have consulted with and retained a lawyer.

Call Conaway & Strickler, P.C.

Contact us today at (404) 816-5000 to schedule an attorney consultation. All conversations are confidential.

Client Reviews
I am so very grateful to all of you for working diligently for him. I prayed Conaway & Strickler would have the skill to prove him innocent. And you did. God bless all of you, and thank you again. Liz
Thank you for your magnificent representation of our son in court today. It seemed like everyone in the courtroom was against him, and you were his champion. My wife and I will never forget how you stood up in court for our son today. Thank you for saving him from jail and getting him a second chance at life. Peter and Darcy
Our family wants to thank Conaway and Strickler for their professional and hard work in this case. We never thought this nightmare was going to be over so soon. With receiving a No Bill from the Grand Jury, my employer has given me my job back. This has been by far a true miracle. The R. Family
Thank you so much for your support and guidance! Have a wonderful year! Bob
Thanks for your concern and caring. You were so kind when I called. Thanks to all! Vergie