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Sex Crimes: There are times in each person’s life when one finds oneself in a less than ideal predicament. Many times this may involve the police, which could mean one will be facing serious legal problems. This is what two men in Georgia now face after recently being arrested for a variety of charges, including statutory rape.

The two men found themselves in a high-speed chase with police one evening in mid-November. It turns out the two suspects had a runaway juvenile with them at the time. The incident started when authorities had learned the runaway girl was traveling with the suspects along the highway. The chase eventually ended with a shootout with police.

Apparently, the two men and the runaway girl decided to ditch the vehicle they were traveling in and attempted to run away from police officers on foot. However, one man was caught by authorities while the girl was shocked by police using a Taser. The other suspect was shot by police officers and was then transported to a local medical facility for treatment.

Running away from law enforcement is not the situation in which a person would usually like to be. However, many people end up in this predicament, which typically leads to an eventual arrest and serious criminal charges that could come with heavy penalties if a person is convicted. It appears that one man is now dealing with this exact problem and, after extradition to Georgia, will face charges for alleged sex crimes.

Reportedly, the man had been on the run from authorities since early July. The 51-year-old was originally charged with kidnapping, rape and sodomy. The police received a tip regarding the man’s whereabouts in another state. This led the authorities to confront a man who had been a former prison mate of the fugitive.

When asked about the fugitive’s whereabouts, the former prison mate apparently told police he had just given the fugitive a ride to some other location approximately 20 minutes prior. However, investigators say they found the man’s story suspicious and decided to search his home. The search is said to have led police to discover the fugitive in a bedroom in the back of the Texas residence.

Sex Crimes: Police officers are traditionally looked upon as role models in the community. Nevertheless, police officers are only human and are prone to making errors and misjudgments, just like the rest of us. Even police officers can find themselves facing legal problems, and one police officer in Georgia is now facing a statutory rape charge.

The police officer was recently arrested and jailed with regard to sex crimes he allegedly committed in February. However, the details surrounding the arrest have been kept under wraps by local authorities. Little information concerning the incident has been released to the public. The arrest happened one morning in early March.

The police officer is now facing a single count of statutory rape. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has confirmed the few details surrounding the incident that have been reported. The local city police department and city manager are now reviewing the police officer’s employment status. At last report, the man remained incarcerated in a local county detention center.

A mayor and police chief may have his job on the line after a series of criminal accusations. The Georgia mayor has been accused of soliciting young men for sex. He was charged with sex crimes including solicitation of sodomy and theft.

Authorities were conducting an investigation which lasted for a month and a half. The man is a mayor in Concord and a police chief in a nearby city. According to reports, he abused his position of authority to gain the trust of his alleged victims.  The investigation started when authorities were contacted by one of the alleged victims’ grandparents. Throughout the investigation, it was reportedly revealed that the man was using a government issued phone to send inappropriate photos to juveniles.

He also purportedly gave one of the victims a personal code to put gas in his vehicle. Authorities were able to obtain a search warrant, but it’s not known what was discovered when it was executed. The man was charged with one count of theft by conversion and two counts of solicitation of sodomy.

A 24-year-old teacher was recently arrested. She was charged with sex crimes after she was accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old male student. Georgia authorities charged the woman with child molestation and other sex related charges.

Authorities started an investigation into alleged sex crimes, and then it reportedly revealed that sexual contact started a little less than a month ago. Following a forensic interview, a disclosure was purportedly made that there was inappropriate contact that occurred on more than one occasion. It was determined that there was enough probable cause for an arrest warrant to be issued. The teacher was arrested at the school and booked on her charges.

She was charged with aggravated sodomy and enticing a child. She was also charged with aggravated child molestation. The defendant just started her first year working as a math teacher at Newton High School.  

Sex Crimes – A grand jury recently indicted a 22-year-old man. The man was accused of child molestation of a 15-year-old girl. Nevertheless, all Georgia defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty of the crimes of which they have been accused.

The man was charged with a number of sex crimes, including rape. According to reports, the man allegedly molested a teenage girl back in December of last year. The sexual contact between him and the teen reportedly happened when he was 21 years of age.

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A suspect was arrested after working at a new job as a band director for just two weeks. Georgia authorities charged the man with multiple sex crimes after he was accused of engaging in sexual behavior with high school students in another state. It is important for readers to remember that just because someone is charged with a crime, does not necessarily mean they are guilty.

Authorities received complaints from former students at a previous high school about alleged sexual encounters with the suspect. The allegations included sexual activity on school property and at the suspect’s home. The sexual activity was reported to have happened during a three-year period and involved at least eight girls. Multiple girls claimed that they were gagged and tied up by the band director. According to reports, authorities placed him under arrest at Thomas County Central High School where he recently began working.

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An operation was launched in an effort to track down and arrest those who participate in child sex trafficking. So far, 71 individuals were arrested and charged with a number of sex crimes throughout Georgia. The FBI’s goal is to rescue children who are being exploited and arrest those who are encouraging child prostitution. Although arrests have been made, the defendants have not been convicted of any criminal conduct.

On the national level, authorities rescued 168 victims who were minors and also apprehended 281 alleged pimps. In our own state, 11 minors were reportedly forced into prostitution and exploited through the computer. This particular investigation led to the arrest of 71 people in Georgia who face a variety of charges. Their charges include criminal attempt of child molestation and enticement of a minor.

Other charges include solicitation and prostitution, along with pimping. So far, over 3,000 children have been rescued by authorities. The Innocence Lost National Initiative started back in 2003 and performs these operations across the country. Agencies who are affiliated with the operation are the Department of Justice and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Many teenagers today spend a lot of time on their mobile devices. After all, these devices are often used as the primary mode of communication among young people. At the same time, teens are subject to peer pressure and may not always use clear judgment when using their cell phones. Sex crimes charges can happen much more quickly than one could possibly imagine.

Recently, Georgia law enforcement officials noted a trend: Many young people are sending sexually explicit images to each other with their mobile devices. What they might not know, however, is that “sexting” could yield charges for sex crimes.

According to Georgia state laws, it is illegal for anyone to create or distribute explicit images of a minor. This means that a minor teen who sends an explicit picture to another teenager is technically in violation of child pornography laws.

Sex Crimes cases are always sensitive, because simply being accused of such an offense can tarnish a person’s reputation for a lifetime. However, an ongoing federal trial has escalated this to a new level: A 10-year-old boy is being charged for sex crimes in federal court for incidents that allegedly occurred on a U.S. military base. The way the case is being handled has some criminal law observers concerned.

According to reports, the boy has been accused of making inappropriate contact with boys who were younger than him. Since these acts are said to have occurred on a military base — federal property — prosecutors are pursuing federal sex crimes charges against the child.

In response to federal law enforcement’s action, some are suggesting that criminal court isn’t the proper venue to handle this boy’s case, if the accusations are true. According to a report from the American Civil Liberties Union, children who commit sexual assault are often victims of sexual abuse as well. As such, it may be more appropriate to take rehabilitative action, rather than pursue punishments that will affect this boy for his entire life. It’s reasonable to wonder whether or not the boy even understands what he is accused of doing and the potential legal implications.

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