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April 2019 Archives

Allegedly doctored records led to man being accused of fraud

In any fraud case in Atlanta, the central issue may be the establishment of intent. Proving that one committed fraud may require establishing that they engaged in their actions knowing full well of that what they were doing was unlawful and likely to cause harm. Thus, those who perform any sort of financial service may want to maintain meticulous records as the review of such documents may go a long way in establishing that they might have been operating in good faith all along. Conversely, poor record keeping may be seen by some as evidence that one was wanting to conceal their actions from others. 

The consequences of revenge porn charges

Cases that involve unlawful pornography can be tough for a plethora of reasons. First, these cases carry a harsh stigma, and those who are accused of wrongdoing may feel too ashamed to stand up for themselves (even when details have been exaggerated or they are falsely accused of unlawful behavior). Moreover, some people may not be aware that certain types of behavior are against the law, especially since laws involving pornography have changed in recent years. In Georgia, for example, it is against the law for people to share nude images of their ex without their consent (this is known as revenge porn).

Handling false allegations of online harassment

Online crime charges take many forms, but harassment is an especially tricky issue to deal with in many instances. People may be charged with harassment for a number of reasons, whether they were unaware that their behavior was against the law or they are even falsely accused of online harassment. For example, someone may break up with a spouse or partner and their ex may try to shatter their reputation and bring legal consequences by falsely accusing them of harassing them over the internet. We know how challenging these cases can be and it is pivotal to protect your interests.

Variations on a traditional Ponzi scheme

Whenever news breaks of a developing Ponzi scheme, it becomes a topic of conversation in many Georgia households. Some people may be under the misunderstanding that this illegal activity is limited to situations where money is invested for unnaturally high returns. However, potential investors should be aware that Ponzi schemes are a type of fraudulent activity that can take on many different forms.

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