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August 2013 Archives

Georgia sheriff acquitted of 27 criminal counts

When a person is brought to court on criminal charges, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. In order to reach a conviction, prosecutors must demonstrate a defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Put simply, a person is considered innocent until proven otherwise.

Criminal Defense - First Offender Act in Georgia

Criminal Defense - If you have had no prior convictions, the court at the state level can sentence you under the First Offender Act. Certain violent crimes, serious sex crime offenses and DUI charges are exempted from this Act and you cannot get First Offender treatment for those offenses.  

Drug Crimes Sentencing Reforms

Defending a drug crimes case may finally get easier.  Attorney General Eric Holder made an announcement yesterday at the American Bar Association annual meeting that federal prosecutors will stop seeking longer mandatory sentences for many non violent drug offenders.  This, allegedly, is part of a new effort to focus on violent crimes and national security.  The federal prison population is bursting at its seams, and as part of the government's cuts on spending, they are focusing on ways to reduce the prison population.  I am hoping this signifies a significant shift in policy in the war against drugs.  

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